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Young Ninjas Are Back

After a short hiatus waiting for the CS2 ecosystem to pick back up, we're ready to unveil the new Young Ninjas roster. They are:

Max "maxster" Jansson
Jacob "jocab" Nerheden
Leo "Silence" Ingvarsson
Maoz "BluePho3nix" Paz
Garteh "MisteM" Ries

The 2024 iteration of the program is being coached by Daniel "sprayxd" Kogan, who will be employing an updated philosophy for the project. Erik Wendel explains:

Young Ninjas are one of the core pillars for the long term structure of NIP’s CS division, for multiple reasons. You want an academy team to find, support, and develop talent. Either to move into your main team for the future, or to loan out/sell to other teams. It should mirror your main team as much as possible, in communication, callouts, roles, positions and so on. This is a very powerful resource to have, which allows your main team to sub in a youth player with minimal impact on the team's performance.

This iteration is going to be explicitly global: Young Ninjas will play and practice in English and we'll be scouting talent globally. This will require us to rotate the roster more frequently in order to be able to evaluate more young talents.

There's more: another youth roster is in the works — this one will be explicitly Swedish and will make up part of our contribution to the regrowth of the Swedish Counter-Strike scene. Stay tuned.