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The first betting company to take esports seriously, Betway has become a pillar of the ecosystem while leading the way in promoting safe betting. Our relationship, which goes all the way back to 2017, has produced countless hours of engaging content for the community.




 Razer™ is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. You already know it is.



Tibber challenges the entire energy industry by not profiting from the electricity they provide. Instead, their unique business model offers renewable electricity at cost price through an app, where you can follow your energy consumption. In other words, a great tool to help you lower your energy consumption in general, and this is why Tibber is the perfect match for gaming and esports. From crowded arenas to flashy rigs at home – gaming is energy consuming and Tibber is changing the landscape for the better. 



Zilliqa provides highly-performant, scalable, and secure blockchain solutions for enterprises and decentralised applications. Driven by the mission to catalyse and transform digital infrastructures across global communities and industries. Zilliqa’s technology has served as the backbone for use cases across the arts, asset securitisation, content creators and the influencer economy, decentralised and open finance, digital advertising, financial services, incentivised marketing, and sports.




GamerPay was founded in December 2020 by Martin Lykke Suhr, Morten Byskov, Mathias Hermansen,
Peter Haldbæk and Rasmus Hovøre. Martin has previously been one of the owners of the biggest Counter-Strike community in Scandinavia, where he got aware of the huge scamming issues in the CS:GO skin trading community. With this in mind, GamerPay launched its new marketplace in May, allowing Counter-Strike Global Offensive gamers to trade skins safely, with more game titles to be added continuously. Today they have users from 20 countries, and sees trades worth +200.000 dollars monthly growing 50% month over month.

Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP and Kingston Technology Company, Inc., are part of the same corporate group (“Kingston”). Kingston is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products. From big data, to laptops and PCs, to IoT-based devices like smart and wearable technology, to design-in and contract manufacturing, Kingston helps deliver the solutions used to live, work and play. The world’s largest PC makers and cloud-hosting companies depend on Kingston for their manufacturing needs, and our passion fuels the technology the world uses every day. We strive beyond our products to see the bigger picture, to meet the needs of our customers and offer solutions that make a difference. To learn more about how Kingston Is With You, visit