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Our People

Hicham Chahine
Jonas Gundersen
Majeli Christensen
Michael Tidebäck
Head of Product and relations
Soren Runge
Head of Commercial Partnerships
Fabian Logemann
Head of Team Operations
David McGowan
Performance Director
Anton Fagerhem
Head of Communications & PR
Laura Rojas
Head of Merchandise and Apparel
Vincent Lutz
Head of Community and Growth
Patrick Strack
Senior Video Producer
William Bui
Brand Manager
Monika Strauja
Community Manager
Lukas Berć
Community Manager
Rebecka Bjurgard
Office Manager
Robin Jedhammar
CS:GO Team Manager
Kevin Liddell
Warehouse & Logistics Manager
Sabína Šipošová
Junior Team Operations Manager
Simon Björck
Graphic Designer
Martin Allgren
Video Editor