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CS2 overhaul: final update

MAY 8TH, 2024

Dear NIP fans,

Two months ago, when NIP CS had just hit rock bottom, we committed to a full overhaul of our roster. We also committed to unrivaled transparency going forward, in order to bring fans closer and to help you hold us accountable for our choices. Whether you love or hate our decisions, our goal is to ensure that you know why they were made. Esports roster decisions, we felt, are often needlessly shrouded in mystery.Β 

Our first move was to bring back Xizt, who integrated seamlessly into our efforts to evaluate and recruit new players. We all agreed on what we look for in our players: raw talent, work ethic, drive, and attitude. With these qualities in mind, we promoted maxster to the main squad β€” already one of Sweden's best players, with immense potential for growth. Then we ba1ted for a week (sorry) as the next signing was being finalized: r1nkle came on board and proved doubters wrong instantly in his first match, and carried a neat 13-0 two days later.

The final signing, as we cautioned, took longer than expected. That's just how esports works sometimes, but this time you'll get to see what happened behind the scenes when the next Roster Maniacs episode comes out. The deal is sealed now, though: our 5th player is Isak "isak" FahlΓ©n. We’re pretty stoked about it.

"Isak embodies the essence of team play β€” he's the unsung hero who elevates the performance of his teammates. Isak's consistent performance under pressure, posting solid stats in the least flashy role, underscores his reliability. Despite his youth, Isak's potential for growth within our setup is promising and I think he'll quickly become a crucial asset."
β€” Richard "Xizt" LandstrΓΆm, Head Coach NIP CS.

isak will join the team in practice right away, and you’ll see him in an NIP jersey at his first official at the RES Regional Series 4. We’re on the grind right now, playing as many officials as possible to speed up the growth in team cohesion. That’s how it is and how it has to be β€” new rosters need time β€” but we have high expectations and so should you.

In the spirit of transparency, we've hosted an AMA session with our CS Division Management in our Discord channel where we've answered lots of hot questions. If you missed it, don’t worry: we’ll be releasing clips from the AMA on our channels throughout the week.

We're done building β€” for now. It's time to let the results do the talking.

Let's start cooking