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Kiara Janssen


The second part of the twinjas, Qiyarah much as her sister is a much needed and sought after talent that fits in to the principles of NIP and stands to prove her worth.

Qiyarah is a great mechanical beast that shows off her claws to take over and defend. A player that takes space and is wary of her surroundings. Just as Nayomy, their presence gives a calm to the team and are a lethal duo when it comes to cleaning up or taking over a zone.

Ingame settings

Sens windows = 6Β 
Sens in game = 1.4
Mouse polling rate = 400 dpi Mouse refresh rate = 1000hz Display refresh rate = 144hz
Resolution = 1280 x 960

Fun facts

1. did competitive kickboxing

2. 1 time I ran up the stairs to make the faceit que but I fell and had cola all over me(I made the que)

3. One of my eyes is half brown half blue