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Egor Stepanyuk


Hailing from St. Petersburg, Egor’s ability to anchor and shut down an entire bombsite rivals the best in the world. The 22-year-old’s mechanically gifted playstyle allows his teammates to focus on their game and trust him to hold back a push on his own. His ability to enable everyone else on the team makes this former Warface player every coach’s dream.

Ingame settings

Sensitivity: 6
Sensibility in game: 0.48
Mouse polling rate: 800
Mouse refresh: 1000hz
Display refresh rate: 240hz
Resolution: 1280x960 (fullscreen)

Fun facts

Played in the World Cyber Games in 2013 (Assault Fire game).

Point Blank World Champion in 2016.

Played in the World Championship of Zula in 2018.