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Mayline-Joy Champliaud


A talented awper that doesn’t shy away from the hard peeks to give any usable benefits to the team. An awp that likes to take control and mix it up with her aggressive playstyle combining the two beautiful worlds. An unbelievable teammate that provides with an insufferable amount of time on and outside the server to provide the best help to the rest of the team (A real utility nerd) If there is a smoke, you better believe that she knows itΒ 

Ingame settings

Sensitivity (Windows): 6/11

Sensitivity (in game): 2 (1.1 zoom)

Mouse Polling Rate: 400 dpi

Mouse Refresh Rate: 1000 Hz

Display Refresh Rate: 240 Hz

Resolution: 1280/1024 Stretched

Fun facts

1. I'm obsessed with cats

2. I used to practice capoeira for years

3. I change crosshair very often