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Plot twist: we recruit an AWP:er - CS:GO Roster Update

Petter Nilsson @ 2019-09-27 15:35:50 +0200

Following yesterday’s announcement revealing our friend and colleague GeT_RiGhT stepping down from the active CS:GO roster, we are now both ready and excited to announce his replacement. 

We are happy to have found a player that fits the mold both in terms of in-game skill and as a teammate: everyone, please give Simon “twist” Eliasson a warm welcome to the NIP family.

The internationally proven top tier 24-year-old will be wielding the AWP for his new team, providing a stable foundation for our players and coaching staff to build new strategies on. Simon, with his experience and maturity, also brings a calming presence to the server which is often underestimated as a factor in a team’s success.

With the addition of twist and the upcoming coaching staff expansion (more info in the coming week), we are confident in our CS:GO team returning to glory as we aim to climb the rankings and reach the top once more.   

Twist’s first tournament as a Ninja will be the upcoming Dreamhack Masters Malmö event, held between Oct 1st - Oct 6th. Get your tickets here and make sure to use the code "NIP20" for 20% off. Also make sure to follow twist on Twitter.