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Welcome JhoW & V1xen

New player, new coach β€” we’re ready for you, VALORANT

We’ve come a long way in a very short time, but we’re far from done. Moving our VALORANT operations from the EU to Brazil was an instant success β€” instantly qualifying for VCT Masters, and took the opportunity to beat our old rivals fnatic in the first round whence we got to Iceland. To all our fans: we felt your support all the way, but the NIP magic couldn’t take us much longer this year. However, this is the beginning of something big β€” a new NIP era. To get there we need the best talent available.

Let’s say welcome to our new ninjas, Gabriel β€œV1xen” Martins and Jonathan β€œJhoW” Gloria.

β€œIn Gabriel we get a calm and composure player, who has played both Masters Berlin and VCT. He brings the international experience we need to reach the top,” said Andre β€œbob” Cardoso, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ Country Manager and Brazilian legend.

β€œJonathan is one of those talented FPS beasts who has been competing at the very top for a long time. Joining us as coach, his general knowledge and his chemistry with Jonn and the other guys will be incredibly important for our team to take the next step.”