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Welcome djL

Daniel "djL" Narancic joins our coaching staff. Here is our report.

Ninjas in Pyjamas | NIP | Player | DJL DANIEL
Ninjas in Pyjamas | NIP | Player | DJL DANIEL

Leaks, leaks and more leaks. It’s impossible to keep things a secret nowadays, and it hurts that we had to throw out our five minutes monster video with Daniel “djL” Narancic rising from below the ground like a giant.

Whatever, maybe next time, but let's give Daniel a warm welcome. Jonas Gundersen promised to give you all some clarity on Daniels arrival and the setup of our coaching staff, so we’ll pass him the microphone:

“Daniel is a perfect fit for us — an upcoming coach talent who up until now has shown promising results with limited resources. Disciplined, hard working and with a modern approach to the game as he transitioned into a coach role at a fairly young age — he really clicks with the guys on a personal level. This is what we’ve been looking for, someone who can pull the team over the line when we tend to struggle.”

Jonas Gundersen, COO at NIP

While THREAT has transitioned into a new role as Technical Director, with full responsibility for the analytical areas including competitor analysis, tactical development and game preparation, djL will jump into the coach role and make sure the team’s game plan is followed and that the guys are performing at the top level when it matters the most.

“I was really looking forward to my massive announcement video, but I’ll just say that I’m incredibly happy to have joined NIP. I knew Hampus from before, and I got a warm welcome from the rest of the team. I obviously have my vision on how to approach the game, focusing on structure and discipline, and combined with Björns analytical brain we’ll accomplish great things in 2022.”

Daniel "djL" Narancic

Björn and Daniel will be working closely with our performance coach, focusing on the mental aspect and general well-being, and our COO and Sports Director Jonas Gundersen who has the overall responsibility. Jonas concludes:

“We believe that building a core coaching staff which is working with the team on a daily basis, just as in traditional sports, is the key to future success. Nowadays it’s hard to just leave everything in the hands of one person standing behind the team on stage, so we've reconsidered the structure and moved Björn into the technical role where he can keep developing and performing at the highest level."