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VALORANT goes to Brazil

Ninjas in Pyjamas | NIP | PLAYER | Valorant
Ninjas in Pyjamas | NIP | PLAYER | Valorant goes to Brazil

With our recent move into China we stated clearly that NIP’s goal is to have esports teams in all relevant categories in their respective most relevant regions. CS:GO is going great in the EU, a new LPL team is on its way and our Brazilian Rainbow Six gods — reigning World Champions btw — have just landed in Sweden for a long awaited bootcamp heading into the Major, to be held just two hours north of Stockholm.

Talking about our Brazilian champions; we have seen how the interest for NIP has grown in the LATAM region thanks to their success. The massive following and support we have from the fans there is huge, it means the world to us. We want to give you more NIP to cheer for.

The next move within that strategy is to expand our esports operations in LATAM — moving our VALORANT team to the region. We want to build a sustainable ground for many years to come, and we’re planning new headquarters in the region to start off a full-scale Ninjas in Brazil division. From there, we will work with partners all throughout the VALORANT ecosystem towards making LATAM the biggest, most popping region in the game. It obviously already has the best aimers.

Jonas Gundersen, COO, explains:

"Brazil is like our second home and after some great talks with Riot and the community down there, it became an obvious move for us to move our full Valorant operation. We’ll have an even stronger foothold in LATAM by building out a new HQ and further investing in bringing NIP entertainment to the fans. The rich FPS history in the country and the raw talent base of players is impossible to overlook, and we are so excited to bring both the Young Ninjas academy and main team philosophies to the region, to create championship winning teams. It truly is the beginning of a long journey for us down there."

Following the change of location, moving our VALORANT operations to LATAM means we’ve had to take an incredibly tough decision: effective today, our European VALORANT division is winding down and our players are allowed to explore new opportunities. Gundersen continues:

Jonas continues:

"Building rosters in a new game is hard, and for us it’s been no different. We’ve been in Valorant from the beginning because we love what it brings to the table, but have been unable to unlock the potential of the game both from a performance and engagement standpoint. We wanted a foundation that we could invest in long term, allowing us to allocate big resources and innovation. Our current EU positioning isn’t good enough for our ambitions."

We would like to thank all the players who have been on the first leg of this journey with us. Emir, Emil, Egor, Yaroslav, Adam and Dimitrii — you’re all a part of the NIP family and we wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. It has been a pleasure.