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Naomi Janssen


One of the twinjas from the Netherlands that is usually the passive one out of the two if we’re talking about offline, online Nayomy and Qiyarah’s significance to the team and their outstanding teamwork which at times are somewhat telepathic were neither shies away from taking the entry role.

The raw talent and firepower that Nayomy possesses is hard to find which goes hand in hand with her motivation to become better and show her dominance for every day that passes. Don't let her quiet self fool you, if you give her a finger she'll take the whole arm.

Ingame settings

Sens windows = 6Β 
Sens in game = 0.62
Mouse polling rate = 800 dpi
Mouse refresh rate = 1000hz
Display refresh rate = 144hz
Resolution = 1280 x 960

Fun facts

1. did competitive kickboxing

2. i have 2k hours on Garry's mod and learned to bhop on there.

3. I love doggosΒ