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JoΓ£o Vitor


JoΓ£o 'Motta' Vitor started playing Rocket League way back in 2016. He was introduced to the game by a friend. Needless to say, he fell in love and played it for years...until he stopped about year and a half ago. Feeling discouraged that he still couldn't play competitively because of his young age, 'Motta' decided to back away for awhile. Lucky for NIP in 2020, he started to play seriously again and can finally qualify to play in the championships next year.

Ingame settings

Camera shake: NO
Ball camera Toggle
fov 110
distance 270
height 90
angle -5
stiffness 0.35
swivel speed 10.00
transition speed 2.00

Fun facts

He can only play with closed door (his bedroom).

Go Kurashikku!