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Luiz Fellipe Lopes Gomes


Started playing in 2015 as stand-in for one of the best South America team (Elevens), after swapping his nickname he became really good and won several trophies for a team called Rebel.

Played the Intel World Open (kind of Olympics of Rocket League). Built another team called Team Luxury that eventually became The Club, where he qualified for the World Championship and the last Major.

Ingame settings

Camera shake - no
FOV - 109
Height - 100
Angle - -3.0
Distance - 280
Stiffness - 0.45
Swivel speed - 6.00
Transition speed - 1.60
Ball camera - Toogle

Fun facts

1. Started to succeed after swapping his first nickname "sppyder" to Aztromick. (Karma is a bi*** he says). LOL

2. Favorite food: Picanha (classic BR)