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This is Young Ninjas

Lukas Berć @ 2021-01-15 15:29:16 +0100

New year, new Ninjas in Pyjamas. It sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, yet. We are still the same legendary organization that has been around for over two decades, but do you remember how we wrapped up 2020 talking about the importance of building the esports players of tomorrow? Young Ninjas, that’s what we call them. Amazing talents ready to give it their all to transform into future superstars. We’ve already announced the team’s ingame leader and shot caller Erik “ztr” Gustafsson, and now we'll let coach Fredrik “JAEGARN” Andersson announce the other young guns in his...

Path of a Ninja turns into Young Ninjas - the future stars of Sweden

Lukas Berć @ 2020-12-23 15:18:18 +0100

A little more than two weeks ago we announced Path of a Ninja, the talent program we believe will be the key to fostering a new generation of Swedish CS:GO players. Chief Operating Officer Jonas Gundersen explained that the program was meant "to support the underlying ecosystem and provide ways into a potential academy team in the future".  It seems as the future arrived faster than we expected.  We are now announcing Young Ninjas: a team for budding superstars to represent - a rock steady home to bloom. We will continue to work with Area Academy in scouting, recruiting and...

VALORANT Roster Update - A little bit of Belgian chocolate will do the trick

Lukas Berć @ 2020-12-22 16:55:24 +0100

Last week when we announced player changes and contract renewals, we also said we were looking for a perfect fifth player to complete our VALORANT roster. Well, here’s an early Christmas gift for you all. We’re thrilled to announce Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans as the final piece of the puzzle. The Belgian veteran who was once a fierce rival of our Counter-Strike squad will now bring his vast experience and winner’s mentality to our young VALORANT roster and lead it to success under the NIP banner. It’s an honor for me to join NIP and I know what it means and what’s...

VALORANT roster update: New player, contract renewals and the hunt for a perfect fifth player

Lukas Berć @ 2020-12-17 15:27:37 +0100

We’re happy to welcome Jady to our VALORANT roster. The seventeen-year-old Russian talent is now reunited with his former teammate and fellow countryman Chiwawa. At the same time, CREA and RHYME, who have both been a part of the NIP family since early summer and have shown great results despite the game’s young competitive age, agreed to stay on for two more years under the NIP banner. Jady is replacing Sayf, who was benched earlier this fall due to differences in the long-term vision of the project and has been sold to another team.  We would also like to wish the best of luck...

Path of a Ninja - a talent program to enhance regrowth of Swedish CS:GO

Lukas Berć @ 2020-12-04 12:49:29 +0100

It has been said that we’re as legendary in-game as our legendary name. Ninjas in Pyjamas - we have been around for over 20 years. How do we make sure our legacy lives for another 20? We need talents. We need a new generation of esport players to grow up. So maybe we should ask ourselves, how do we make sure that the future of Swedish esports - the talents, the young and hungry individuals - are getting the tools they need to become the very best? NIP is Sweden’s leading clan of competitive gaming and it’s time for us to...

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