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Young Ninjas.GamerPay Graduation — class of 22’

Ninjas in Pyjamas | NIP | Players | Young NInjas Graduation
Ninjas in Pyjamas | NIP | Players | Young NInjas Graduation
They grow up so fast :/

Rough day, but we knew it would come eventually: it’s time to let the majority of our Young Ninjas leave the nest to take the next step in their careers. LNZ, phzy and Sapec: it’s been a blast. Some of them have already been out on internships — Linus and Love both making their marks in the tier one scene, with impressive stand-in performances in the main roster — showing that our heavy investment in talent development bears fruit. Anton, the shining hope of North Sweden, will be in the trusty hands of none other than JWonderchild himself.

“The vision behind Young Ninjas was always to give more quality learning opportunities to upcoming Scandinavian players. It goes far beyond just finding a single talent that can compete on the biggest stages, and is much more about spearheading the development of young players — training the habits and mindsets that will make our region the best in FPSs for decades to come. We’ve had great success so far, yet there’s still many things to learn and the coming years will be very exciting,” said Chief Operating Officer Jonas Gundersen.

Since the Young Ninjas project went live in the beginning of last year, we’ve had the pleasure to follow these guys’ journeys, from Swedish Elitserien, to global tournament trophies and a WePlay Academy final. Linus and Love have both made their marks in the tier one scene, with impressive stand-in performances in the main roster.

Gundersen continues: 

“I have nothing but respect for the boys. Coming into a completely new project with many unknowns, trying out a new way of doing things puts a lot of pressure on the individual. We definitely haven’t gotten everything right and have loads to learn in how to build academies and grassroots, but they all really seized the moment and put in the work from the get go. The natural evolution is letting some of them get more experience elsewhere, to return back here later on and I am excited about helping them find the right place for the next point in their career. There’s great futures lying ahead of these, so many teams would be lucky to have them.”

As one class graduates, another one starts. Together with Fredrik “JAEGARN” and Fredrik “slap” Junbrant, Björn “THREAT” Pers has been scouting Swedish talent for the past couple of months, and so: we welcome Adam “adamb” Ångström, Max “maxster” Jansson and Adrian “7EMPORARY” Mehrara.

We’ll let Björn introduce the squad.

adamb and maxster have been climbing the lower ranks of the swedish scene swiftly and have already shown some great results. On top of that we add 7EMPORARY — a young and hungry sniper with huge potential. We believe this trio is very eager to ascend to its true potential.”

THREAT continues: 

“Erik 'ztr' Gustafsson is staying on as the IGL and the experienced bigger brother who’ll show the new recruits the ropes. Leading a new squad and continuing to build his system will be immensely valuable experience for an aspiring top-tier IGL. We’re also keeping Kalle 'Ro1f' Johansson, who’s still young enough to stay in school and build his potential. While I’m excited for what this roster can accomplish, we’ll be a lot more agile with Young Ninjas going forward. We’re continuously scouting for the best talent out there — we want the best talent to represent us.”

You think you got what it takes? Make sure you let us know.