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VALORANT roster update — December 2020

We’re happy to welcome Jady to our VALORANT roster. The seventeen-year-old Russian talent is now reunited with his former teammate and fellow countryman Chiwawa. At the same time, CREA and RHYME, who have both been a part of the NIP family since early summer and have shown great results despite the game’s young competitive age, agreed to stay on for two more years under the NIP banner. Jady is replacing Sayf, who was benched earlier this fall due to differences in the long-term vision of the project and has been sold to another team. 

We would also like to wish the best of luck to luckeRRR, and thank him for his contributions to the team, who has been released from his contract as we look for a perfect fifth player for our starting lineup. Jonas Gundersen, Chief Operating Officer, gives his thoughts on an eventful 2020: 

We know it’s been turbulent, but we’ve accepted that a new game like VALORANT needs an agile mindset to build the most coherent roster and to find a group of people who mold perfectly together, while having the potential to win big trophies. It’s been trial and error, but we can honestly say that we’ve evolved a lot and improved with every change we’ve made. The road to success isn't always straight, but I am very happy with where we are now.