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The Fit

Our Lagom collection t-shirt both have the same sizes. Make sure you check the sizes so you get the exact size you want. 

Garment measurements(cm)

Sleeve length 21.5 22 22.5 23 23.5
Chest 49.5 52 54.5 57 59.5
Total length 69 71 73 75 77

How to measure

VxN Bromance T-shirt

Take a t-shirt, the one you like and put it in a flat area, make sure that it is well stretched and flat. Place the measuring tape on the green dots that you see on the image. First start with the chest, then measure the shoulders just like you see on the image, following, measure from the highest point on the neck, not including the actual neck of the jacket and then the sleeve. These measurements should give you the exact measurements for your size, cross reference it in our table of measurements. There you should have your most accurate size!

A / Sleeve length
B / Chest
C / Total length