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European Development Championship

We are going live - it’s broadcast time!

Time flies by and it has already been three months since we announced the Young Ninjas roster. These youngsters have achieved great results in their short time together and the whole organization follows this exciting ride from front row seats. It is now time for us to give you all the opportunity to follow Young Ninjas as close as we do, and get to know these talents on a more personal level. 

For the third season of European Development Championship, where our Young Ninjas are playing, we have acquired the broadcast rights to deliver a pretty NIP biased production in Swedish. Starting today, we’ll have JAEGARN, THREAT, Luddie and a lot of other entertaining Swedes to take you through the action where our young guys will face teams such as Winstrike, Sprout and Spirit Academy in the group stage already. We will broadcast every single game from the group stage to the playoffs, which will take place at the end of April.

“Ninjas in Pyjamas and broadcast goes way back, and people who've been in the business for long might remember the old days with NIPTV. As we got this opportunity with EDC and Young Ninjas, we couldn’t turn it down. Look at other Sports teams, such as hockey and the NHL for instance, they all have their own casters. I believe this is the future in esports as well.”

Jonas Gundersen, COO

All matches will be broadcasted in Swedish at For schedule and more information about European Development Championship: please visit: