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Bilal Ilyas


When "Bilal" is not dominating the esports scene, he’s putting regular chads to shame. You'll find him pumping iron at the gym or whipping up gourmet meals. Life hasn’t always been perfect. Bilal came back from financial struggles and lack of support, to emerge as a force to reckon with, renowned as the best Bryan of Tekken. His sights are set on winning the next World cup, aiming to solidify his legacy as the king of Tekken.

Ingame settings

Sensitivity (Windows): N/A
Sensitivity (in game): N/A
Mouse Polling Rate: N/A
Mouse Refresh Rate: N/A
Display Refresh Rate: 60fps
Resolution: 1080

Fun facts

1. Went to Dubai for a job, but took home a tournament trophy

2. He’s seriously cooking! (yes, on the server, but literally too!)

3. Won LCQ 2019 and qualified for Tekken World Tour Final