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VALORANT roster update β€” October 2020

As our exciting VALORANT journey continues, we say welcome to Egor β€œchiwawa” Stepanyuk - our latest addition to the roster. The 22 year old Russian has been trialing for the team for some time, and has already delivered a huge impact in the team’s recent victory in the GLX Elite: EU series. Chief Operating OfficerΒ Jonas GundersenΒ is excited about the new recruit:Β 

I am super happy to haveΒ chiwawaΒ as part of NiP. He’s an incredibly talented player with a fantastic attitude and good spirits all around. Excited to see how far he can take it!

ChiwawaΒ mains Cypher and Killjoy and his unconventional playstyle, augmented by an incredible aim and raw talent, makes him the level-headed anchor the team has been looking for. Stepanyuk himself is both humbled and thrilled about joining the NiP family:

I’m proud to be a part of this legendary organization. Ever since the Katowice Grand Final in 2015, I’ve dreamt about playing for NiP. I’ve been playing with the guys for a while now and I fully believe that we can accomplish magic together. I can’t wait until the first big tournament to show everyone what we’re capable of.