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The Fit

Both our Sweatpants are quite loose so if you like your clothing a slim fit go a size down, if you like them really loose, get a size up. 

Garment measurements(cm)

Waist 51.5 54 56.5 59 61.5
Hip to groin 30 31 32 33 34
Total length 100.7 102 103.3 104.6 105.9

How to measure

We all have a pair of sweatpants that are the perfect fit. If you don't, look for your favourite pants. Keep in mind that jeans will be longer than these pants. (don't use a piece that is too fitted). Put it in a flat area and make sure that it is well stretched and flat. Place the measuring tape on the green dots that you see on the image. First start with the waist, then measure from the highest point on the waist, then on the hip, the way to know is where the pockets end. If you are measuring pants, try to find the hip by seeing where the zipper ends (this is an approximation). This measurements should give you the exact measurements for your size, cross reference it in our table of measurements. There you should have your most accurate size!

A / Waist length
B / Hip length
C / Total length