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NIP Group — a new era

League of Legends is about to be filled with Ninjas, again.

After more than three years we’re finally back with full force, aiming to paint that Worlds title neon yellow, already making space for the trophy in our cabinet. You get it — this is real, but first things first.

Since the rebirth of NIP, we have worked tirelessly with a single vision: becoming the first truly global esports organization. Today we’re taking a massive step towards that goal by entering a new market together with Chinese esports group ESV5 to create NIP Group — a global organization that fields teams in all the major esports titles. More NIP rosters, more potential for titles.

Through this move, we’ll get a spot in the LPL franchise, the world’s biggest League of Legends league, and rebranding Victory Five to Ninjas in Pyjamas. With the addition of NIP’s performance team and model, this marriage of East-West philosophies should make for a potent approach not seen before in the LPL. The same procedure goes for League of Legends: Wild Rift.

This is pretty massive, bigger than anything we’ve done before. More crowded arenas to entertain, more fans to satisfy, cooler merch to make and hopefully the start of a new successful and magical NIP story.