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NIP expands into FIFA

Our latest recruitment to Ninjas in Pyjamas spells Olle "Ollelito" Arbin, a Swedish FIFA player who comes onboard NiP with a fresh trophy after being crowned champion in the FUT 20 Champions Cup Stage III - Finals. We at Ninjas in Pyjamas are genuinely excited to welcome Olle to the family and eager to see what this young professional is capable of, going forward.As a historically PC-centric organization, we now have a controller wielding FIFA player in our midst and we couldn’t be more excited to enter a game that is watched, played and loved by millions of gamers.

I'm incredibly honored to become NIP's first-ever FIFA-player. Ninjas in Pyjamas is the organization every Swede would love to play for, which makes it extra special for me. The world has seen what I can do, now I need to show them I'm not a one-hit-wonder. I appreciate NIP allowing me to pursue my dreams and focus 100% on the game - Olle "Ollelito" Arbin

The signing of Ollelito as a single representative of a game title is a first for Ninjas in Pyjamas and has opened up for new partnership opportunities such as Philips OneBlade.

Having Philips enter into new territory together with NiP is a lucrative opportunity for all involved. With OneBlade, Philips has taken a significant first leap into esports and we are very excited to keep building on this momentum and further expand on our partnership in the future."“The FIFA venture is part of our extensive strategy of bringing NiP to a larger audience. The game is easy to understand, has been played by nearly everyone at one point or another and has seen significant progress in the competitive structure over the past years - Jonas Gundersen, COO of NiP

Ollelito has an avid fan following and is contributing to the community through his growing Youtube channel.

I am nothing short of ecstatic that Olle has trusted us with his formidable potential. He’s such a talented player who’s already proven he can beat the very best and will continue to go head to head with the very best for many years to come.As if this wasn’t enough, he’s making great content on YouTube, Streams, is Swedish and is fundamentally a great guy. I couldn’t be happier - Jonas Gundersen, COO of NiP