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Isak FahlΓ©n


Isak "Isak" FahlΓ©n, hailing from the icy reaches of northern Sweden, has carved his path through the competitive CS scene with tenacity and skill. Emerging from grassroots Swedish clubs to then sign with GamerLegion, where he flourished over three years, his most notable achievement was reaching the grand final of the Blast Paris Major in 2023.Β Renowned as an anchor, isak excels in shutting down sites, and his selfless, supportive play consistently boosts his teammates' performance.

Ingame settings

Sensitivity (Windows): 6
Sensitivity (in game): 1
Mouse Polling Rate: 800 dpi
Mouse Refresh Rate: 1000 Hz
Display Refresh Rate: 240 Hz
Resolution: 1600Γ—900

Fun facts

1. Favorite TV series is Prison Break

2. A real-life jock, competed in three different sports growing up

3. First β€œjob” was as a football trainer for younger kids