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We say goodbye to NiP.PUBG

Lukas Berć @ 2020-01-25 16:57:00 +0100

Since coming on board in September of 2018, our PUBG division has performed consistently throughout their stint in PUBG Europe League, cementing themselves as top contenders in professional PUBG. However, the recent restructuring of company goals, strategy and focus means we have to let the team go and allow them to search for a new home.

“As part of a recalibrated company strategy focused around building world class entertainment products within each game, we have chosen to let our PUBG team find a new home. Our more vertical approach requires us to put a lot more focus on innovation and further development of existing games where we feel we can provide the right commercial and infrastructural support. Unfortunately, we don’t feel that we can deliver that for our PUBG division while also living up to the standards that we have set for ourselves as an organization.

We have been incredibly happy having the team onboard with NiP, and I am sure they will go on and do great things.”

Jonas Gundersen, COO at NiP

We wish Justin "MiracU" McNally, Alex "vard" Gouge, Laurynas "Gaxy" Rudys, Laurynas "Nbs" Kisielius and Martin "dohfOs" Lundén good luck in finding a new home where they can continue their journey in esports. 

We'd like to thank everyone involved in Ninjas in Pyjamas - fans, staff and upper management for almost one and a half year of their support. In our time together we went from 3rd place at the PUBG world championships to becoming part of NiP and being one of the teams making it through an entire year of Pro League. Despite us now parting ways with NiP, the future's looking bright as we look forward to hit even more milestones and I do hope that some of you will follow us on that journey. Now we move onwards and hopefully one day, our paths will cross once more.Thank you all.

Martin “dohfOs” Lundén, Head Coach of NiP.PUBG