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A new chapter for GeT_RiGhT: CS:GO Roster Update

Lukas Berć @ 2019-09-26 17:44:06 +0200

One of the undisputed all-time greats, Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, is as of today no longer an active member of the CS:GO roster in Ninjas in Pyjamas. GeT_RiGhT and his team have decided that it’s time for him to take the next step in his career as a player and we as an organization fully support the decisions made by them

GeT_RiGhT has cemented himself as a legend through countless accomplishments in several iterations of Counter-Strike and will with all certainty continue to influence the scene and our beloved community for years to come, whichever path he chooses to take.

Christopher was committed to becoming the best, practicing hours on end to propel himself and his teammates to the very top of professional Counter-Strike. In a time where people were still figuring out how to grip a mouse, GeT_RiGhT and his team went 87-0, paving the way for aspiring talents and setting a precedent that will probably never be rivaled, much less surpassed. 

Two words come to mind when looking back at Christopher’s time as a NiP player; passion and dedication. Those two words weigh heavy in our organization and we have Christopher to thank for that.

And for the record, we never stopped believin’. 

As Christopher has expressed in the past couple of months, he is looking to continue his career as a player. We have offered Christopher a key position in Ninjas in Pyjamas. While it’s now up to him to decide his next move in esports, we would be absolutely thrilled to see him stay in our organization, taking part in shaping our future much like how he shaped our past. 

As for his replacement, filling GeT_RiGhT’s shoes is no easy task but we believe we have found the right person for the job. More on that in the coming days. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to expand on our plan to reach the top position in the CS:GO world ranking. Our eyes are on the prize and rest assured we are taking the necessary steps to make sure that the prize is within our grasp. Exciting times lie ahead and we hope you are as hyped about it as we are. With that said, we are expanding our coaching staff to further strengthen our tactical decisions, strategy, player development and recruitment process. We will provide you with more news regarding this in the coming week. Stay tuned!