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Oscar Dalgas Refsgaard


Oscar "Refsgaard" Refsgaard is a 18 year old Danish Fortnite Player, who has played professional Fortnite since 2019. Oscar is known for his aggressive playing style. A playing style he hopes can make his dream come true - winning a Major.

When I don't play Fortnite and travel to LAN events around the world, I live with my family in Southern Denmark.

Ingame settings

800 dpi, 5.8 sens
35% ads and scope sens
1920x1080 game resolutions
Wall Bind: C
Floor bind: E
Stair Bind: Shift
Cone Bind: Q
Edit Bind: F

Fun facts

1. I started playing Fortnite because I could not get my headset to work in CS:GO

2. My favourite place to land is Steamy Stacks

3. I support Redbull in Formula 1