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A little bit of Belgian chocolate will do the trick

Last week when we announced player changes and contract renewals, we also said we were looking for a perfect fifth player to complete our VALORANT roster. Well, here’s an early Christmas gift for you all.We’re thrilled to announce Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans as the final piece of the puzzle. The Belgian veteran who was once a fierce rival of our Counter-Strike squad will now bring his vast experience and winner’s mentality to our young VALORANT roster and lead it to success under the NIP banner.

It’s an honor for me to join NIP and I know what it means and what’s expected of me. This is the kind of team you represent with pride. When I retired from professional CS to become a coach, I told myself I shouldn’t rush into it since I definitely needed some rest after the G2 and GamerLegion projects. I took some well-deserved time off and did things I’d wanted to do for a long time. I'm the undisputed champ of table football nowadays!

After a year, Maniac told me to try out VALORANT. Guess what? Love at first sight. The game had everything - immense tactical possibilities and creativity - I really regained my passion for competitive gaming. I’m so glad I chose this path, and the goal is obviously to make Ninjas in Pyjamas the number one team in the world.