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Ninjas in Pyjamas and Betway bring Friends into the partnership

Lukas Berć @ 2019-07-30 11:39:00 +0200

All of us at NiP live a significant portion of our lives in-game, as do most of our fans. Over the years we’ve experienced our fair share of threats, name-calling and general toxicity and as each new generation enters the world of sort-of-competitive gaming, they’re socialized into behaviors that previous generations have condemned but failed to stamp out. We applaud the efforts of our friends at North for kicking off the #StopToxicity movement, and we’re keen to do our part in promoting healthy online behavior.

To that end, we’ve drawn on our partnership with Friends, the Swedish anti-bullying NGO, to co-produce the Ninjas in Pyjamas handbook, which lays out our thoughts and guidelines on how to be a decent person online as well as carrying practical tips for parents who aren’t sure how to think about the fact that their child is spending a significant amount of time in an unsupervised environment.

The handbook lives online on and also exists in a physical format. If you’re a concerned parent, teacher or otherwise involved with young people who are into esports and you’d like to get your hands on the physical version, do let us know by contacting info at

To celebrate this launch, we’re inviting fans from all over the world to participate in duos with our resident Fortnite pro, NiP.Goofy, during an 8-hour Fortnite marathon. The stream kicks off at noon CET on the 17th of February, so make sure to register on our Discord well ahead of time to claim your spot.

The rules are simple:

  1. Register by joining our Discord and registering your Epic username with the bot before 18:00 CET on the 15th of February
  2. Once your participation is confirmed you’ll be awarded a time slot between 12:00pm - 20:00pm CET on the 17th
  3. Show up for your slot and kick some ass
  4. But also be nice because this is all about #PositiveVibes

At the end of the stream, Goofy will choose the player that had the most positive attitude in-game for a prize.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Not to be outdone, our good friends over at Betway have given their prime spots on our jersey to Friends for the duration of this month’s festivities in Katowice, Poland. Thus, for the duration of ESL One Dota 2 and the IEM CS:GO World Championship, our players will be wearing custom-made jerseys boasting the Friends logo to celebrate in-game positivity.

One more thing: For the duration of February, all completed shop orders over 499SEK on will be eligible for a chance at getting a copy of the handbook in their order, signed by one of our pro players.

Here’s to a month of stellar esports tournaments, lifting trophies and positive vibes. Summer is coming.