Our Vision

Ninjas in Pyjamas aims to be the world’s leading esports organisation, both inside and outside the game. The term “NiP Standard” shall be synonymous with superior quality, professionalism and sound integrity.

Our Mission

We strive to give our followers and our community the ultimate fan experience, whether it be through the highest level of esports, content creation, fan engagement, or merchandising. We want those who follow us to take part in our legacy and the history we are making; to be inspired by the Ninjas In Pyjamas and the NiP Standard in their everyday life.

Core Values

We are passionate about our brands, businesses, products, esports, and most importantly; the people who make up our fan base and communities around the world.

  • Partnership and collaboration everywhere is essential. We create an environment where every Ninja is empowered to contribute and is recognised for their effort.
  • We are committed to drive individual growth for our players, teams and employees, creating an inclusive culture where they all can develop and enhance their performance.
  • We act with integrity and high ethics in all of our relationships.
  • We strive for the respect and protection of fundamental human rights.

Our Friends

The Swedish FRIENDS foundation is one of the largest anti-bullying organisations in the world, with more than 20 years in the field of preventing bullying in schools, within sports and online. The esport community is one of the largest growing youth communities and a great place to meet new friends, from all around the world, and to develop both as players and as human beings. Within esports, as well as in all other sports, things happen that make you feel uncomfortable, exposed or bullied. We all need to join forces and take a stand for every player’s right to be included and treated fair and equal, and not be exposed to bullying, racism or sexism. That’s why FRIENDS are very proud and happy to be a part of this Handbook, and for the fantastic engagement from Ninjas in Pyjamas to create a better world for every player out there.

Download Our Handbook