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Young Ninjas Update

Young Ninjas enters Elitserien, LNZ gets on board for the ride.

Feb 23, 2021

Dreams turned into plans and plans resulted in action. Path of a Ninja became Young Ninjas and ztr got the opportunity to play as a stand-in with the main roster at both BLAST and IEM Katowice. Since we first started discussing our academy plans internally things have moved quickly in the right direction, and now the adventure really starts.

When Sweden’s biggest national league Elitserien starts today it will be time for Young Ninjas to shine, and they are going to do it with the latest addition to the NIP family: phzy’s 18 year old class-mate Linus “LNZ'' Holtäng, a rising talent with a lot of experience from the Swedish scene already, including playing alongside ztr in Prima eSports. First game is tonight, 19:00 CET, versus Lemondogs.

When we announced Path of a Ninja, Chief Operating Officer Jonas Gundersen said:

“We’ll invest heavily in this and work hard to equip young Swedish talents with everything they need in order to develop further. Sweden has an incredibly rich history of having the very best talent within the FPS genre of games. We feel that it’s a part of our DNA to help rekindle that so we can keep being a world dominating nation”.

Enhancing the regrowth of Swedish CS:GO is in our DNA; and now that we have our own team in a league that has worked so hard to create a platform for young talents to prove themselves, we won't hesitate to give ourselves a pat on the back saying we’re doing something right. Turns out: dreaming is the way to go.