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Anton Georgiev


Started as StarCraft and 1.6 Player (non pro) in 2010 , then moved to StarCraft 2, then to a Coach in CS:GO when the game was released. Trained multiple competitive sports, such as Swimming, Tennis, MMA and others. Toh1o sports background helped build Toh1o as someone always striving to reach the goals he has set. Toh1o's motto is "Hard work and dedication!".

Ingame settings

Sens Windows: 5
Sens In-game: 1.39/1.4
DPI: 400
Mouse Refresh Rate: 1000Hz
Display Rate: 144Hz
Res: 1280x960 Stretched

Fun facts

  1. He has a rabbit named Shusha, she's a little queen!

  2. He wanted to become a professional football player before his esports dreams.

  3. He cannot eat any meal without a salad on the side.