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CS:GO Roster Update

Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Our recent results are not what we strive for, nor in line with what our fans expect and there is only so much we can achieve by improving the circumstances surrounding competitive practice and play. Sometimes, the only way to get back on the right path is to shake up the fundamentals.

As of today, Simon “twist” Eliasson has been moved from our active roster. Since joining the NIP family in September 2019, Simon has been an amazing asset for our CS division; not only as a reliable and skilled teammate ingame but also as a great ambassador for NIP outside the server and an uplifting presence in the team. While this is a high-profile change, it would be foolish to expect this move to turn around team performance on its own. Chief Operating Officer, Jonas Gundersen, explains further: 

Moving twist from our active roster wasn’t easy, but ultimately something had to happen. We’ve been unable to release the massive potential and energy in our team, and over time, energy like that ends up becoming a negative spiral which is incredibly hard to break, without changing up the group dynamic. New, positive and fresh energy is needed, and thus we ended up at changes in both roster and backroom staff. I want to thank Simon for his incredible work ethic and everything he has done for this team, and I am sure he’ll find a new home very soon.

Standing in for twist in the next tournament is Young Ninja Erik “ztr” Gustafsson, who will make his debut on Thursday against Astralis in BLAST Premier Spring. This is a perfect opportunity to test the status of a project that we believe very strongly in: our talent division.

We said swapping one player wouldn’t make all the difference; therefore we’re also announcing David McGowan as our new full time Performance Manager. The Australian former olympic rower and coach, has been working with the team for a while and will continue to do so in a full time capacity, as well as the other teams. Last but not least we’ve hired former Counter-Strike professional Fredrik “JAEGARN” Andersson as Assistant Coach, with a primary focus around Young Ninjas. Jonas Gundersen concludes: 

Despite his short time as a Ninja, Erik has already shown formidable work ethic and potential. The whole idea behind this project was for it to be a pathway into the first team and although it might have come a bit earlier than anticipated, we’re excited to try it out. My ambition for us to win major trophies and be one of the best teams in the world have not changed the slightest; so ultimately it’s up to the youngsters that are given a shot at the big stage to take it. With David coming in full-time and Fredrik getting to work even more intensely with the youth team, both adding depth and positivity to the work of Björn and Danny, we’ve got everything set up for them to take it on. The hunt for glory continues.