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Olímpio Torres


Dropping onto the scene in 2018, Olímpio 'nxghtt' Torres got crowned South America's prodigy by Erased. Qualified for the Winter Major and, standing out from the crowd, was snatched by Noble Esports. Then, team Secret couldn't resist his charm. Zooming through 5 international LANs, 'nxghtt' hit the jackpot at RLCS 2022-2023 Fall Major, slamming into the Top 4.

Ingame settings

Camera shake - no
FOV - 110
Height - 90
Angle - -5.0
Distance - 270
Stiffness - 0.35
Swivel speed - 4.70
Transition speed - 1.50
Ball camera - Toggle

Fun facts

Doesn't notice any difference between cars. They all feel the same to him— even regardless of hitbox!