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Lukas Berć @ 2020-09-16 14:43:57 +0200

Today we’re announcing that Tim “nawwk” Jonasson will take a break from our active roster as he goes on medical leave for the rest of ESL Pro League, aiming to return at the upcoming RMR tournament. Tim’s been an integral part of the new NiP journey since joining, and our sports performance team is already hard at work providing the support he’ll need to get back on track. Chief Operating Officer, Jonas Gundersen, explains:  

“The mental and physical well-being of our players is vital to our existence as an esports organization. We have a deep focus on how our players are responding to our training schedules and with Tim we’ve decided to pull the trigger early on, channeling all our efforts into de-escalating the situation, before it turns into a much larger problem that could put him on the sidelines even longer. With this course of action, we hope to have him back on the server sooner rather than later.”

During Tim’s absence, our Head Coach Björn “THREAT” Pers will step in and fill the role as our fifth for the last two upcoming ESL Pro League games. Gundersen continues: 

“The competition around the tier 1 scene is reaching new peaks and the requirements on players staying ready at all times keeps growing. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the cushion we work with when a team is only consisting of five players is simply not enough. It allows very little room for error and puts an immense amount of pressure on the players. We’re paying the price for it in the short term with having THREAT to fill in and it's definitely something that we will look at how to mitigate in the future.”