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Started playing Counter Strike with only 8 years old but moved to R6 since the launch of the game.Β Former pro R6 player (ex teams: Merciless Gaming, Red Canids, Red Devils, Elevate and Santos Gaming).Β Has passion of learning and teaching new plays and techniques to the players. His style of working is to listen more than talking.Β He is the brain of the team together with Psycho who is the IGL
He is ranked addicted (the only coach in the highest game rank of the world)

Ingame settings

in game settings:
sensi (windows) - 6
sensi (in game) - 8 8 31
dpi (mouse) - 400
Hz mouse - 1000
Monitor - 240hz
Resolution - 1920/1080 (4:3)

Fun facts

Fun Facts:
Always improving his aim (aim lab, terror hunt)
Loves Jiu Jitsu
free time = Gym
Don't eat any vegetables, salad or fruits
looks super tough but he is full heart
most organised from the gaming house