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Ninjas in Pyjamas | NIP | Player | JHOW | JONATHAN GLORIA | COACH | VALORANT


Jonathan Gloria


One of the most experienced on the team. Champion in many FPS games, Jhow brings with him a solid and smart mindset about the game and how a team needs to be. Transitioning from being a Player to a Coach, his insights are helping the team to keep building and winning.

Ingame settings

Settings: Sensitivity (Windows): 6

Sensitivity (in game): 0.38

Mouse Polling Rate: 800 dpi

Mouse Refresh Rate: 1000 Hz

Display Refresh Rate: 240 Hz

Resolution: 1920/1080 Stretched

Fun facts

His first nickname was β€œgiant” but he was a small child back in that time;

Needs a coffee to start his day. Haircut is always on point. Always looking for inspiration from legendary sports players like Jordan and Kobe Bryant