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kévin droolans


For those familiar with the competitive CS:GO scene, Kévin Droolans doesn’t need further introduction. The 30-year-old CS:GO legend came back to competitive esports in 2020, but this time in Valorant. As one of the best in-game leaders to ever touch a keyboard, the Belgian mastermind brings over a decade of experience at the highest level of competition and he truly knows how to utilize each of our players to their fullest potential. See, esports is like a good ganache: A little bit of Belgian chocolate will do the trick.

Ingame settings

Sensitivity (Windows): 6/11

Sensitivity (in game): 0.685

Mouse Polling Rate: 400 dpi

Mouse Refresh Rate: 1000 Hz

Display Refresh Rate: 240 Hz

Resolution: 19020/1080 (16/9)

Fun facts

Is a beast at table football.

Eats sushi 3 times a week.

Got inspiration for his nickname from a female Counter-Strike team playing for x6tence.

His previous haircut is a “Fun Fact” in itself.