NiP releases its entire PUBG team

In October of 2017, Ninjas in Pyjamas took a leap of faith venturing in to the thus far uncharted territory of competitive Battle Royale. A PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds squad was signed and as with all of our teams, we aimed at establishing ourselves as a top contender in the competitive scene.

However, after failing to qualify for a slew of high tier tournaments, the decision has been made to say goodbye to our PUBG team as we set off to search for an entirely new line-up.

We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our former PUBG squad members Drew “Sweaterr” Miser, Oliver “Ollywood” Tell and Karl Johan “Ekkz” Kallevik. We wish you the very best of luck in your continued esports career. It’s been a real pleasure to have you and you will all be missed.

It’s still early days in the PUBG scene and while we’ve had some great fun with the team, it wasn’t a perfect fit for us in the end. We’re exploring our options right now so rest assured we’ll be back with a squad that is in line with both NiP’s and our fans expectations. Thank you for your service, guys! I hope our paths cross again.

Hicham Chahine, CEO of Ninjas in Pyjamas Hicham Chahine, CEO of Ninjas in Pyjamas

Stay tuned for future announcements about our continued involvement in PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds.