The Paladins Roster Gets Two New Members

After a disappointing split and a few rocky months within the Paladins team, the squad has decided changes had to be made in order to stay on top of the game in the coming season.

As the new season of PPL closes in, we’re saying goodbye to two of our players, namely Pietro “PERDO” Eronen and Pasi “Shipa” Piiparinen. We’d like to thank you both for your time in Ninjas in Pyjamas, and we of course wish you the best of luck in your future esports careers.

To replace them, we have brought in two new players hitters to compliment the line-up. Please give a warm welcome to:
Ted “kowa” Hansson
Kerim “Kcruncy” Kerimov

Both players have been vetted and approved by Hi-Rez to compete in the upcoming Paladins Premier League starting this weekend, and the two have been scrimming with the team for a while and the results look very promising.

Throughout 2018 we’ve struggled performing to the standard that we expect of ourselves. During the fall split and shortly after we weren’t able to maintain the same team atmosphere & motivation. Because of that we’ve made the decision to replace PERDO & Shipa with kowa (previously of mouz) & Kcruncy (previously of Clownfiesta) as a way to improve that team environment and regain our motivation as a team. So far we’ve seen a great improvement and we hope that we can once again perform the way that we, and our fans, should expect of us.

Erik Bird Sjösten Erik Bird Sjösten

The new current line-up is:
– Erik “Bird” Sjösten
– Dylan “DiGeDoG” Chainski
– Ted “kowa” Hansson
– Kerim “Kcruncy” Kerimov
– Malkolm “Bonkar” Rench