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Thea Evensen


The 22 year old from Bergen, Norway! The supporter in the team, the one that goes the extra mile to accomplish the goal and she isn’t afraid of anything as long as it achieves the interest of the team. Thea can be described as the calm that describes NIP, a colorful individual (especially outside the game) in a positive way of course.Β 

Ingame settings

Sensitivity (Windows): 6

Sensitivity (in game): 1

Mouse Polling Rate: 800dpi

Mouse Refresh Rate: 1000hz

Display Refresh Rate: 240hz

Resolution:1280/960 Stretched

Fun facts

I thought smh meant "so much hate" for 2 years.

To this day I have 140 suicides on deathmatch from jumping down in ct.Β 

The hardest thing to say in english is "exclamation mark"

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