New Chinese CSGO Client, to be Distributed by Perfect World

Valve’s new website, announcing the release of an official Chinese CSGO client has generated quite a buzz in the CS community.

Here is some information we’ve gathered so far based on translations of the conference held on April 11th:

Official matchmaking will still be 64 tick, but there will also be 3rd party services with 128 tick servers
Anti-cheating measures will also include the requirement to link an Alipay account
In China, Alipay is a widely used payment method also tied to personal identification so this means that cheating will result in the permanent banning of the individual tied to the account
There will be 3rd party services, CPL (Chinese Pro League), and City Elite Events, intended to allow players to possibly create a career from CS
Beta testing of the Perfect World CSGO client will begin April 18th

While these bits of information are intended to be about the Chinese CSGO client distributed by Perfect World, there was also some extra information including: new anti-cheat AI development, Source 2 and Panorama UI coming to CSGO, and a new operation this summer.

While a majority of this information is based on non-official translation, many members of the community have agreed on these general bits of information. Hopefully we hear officially from Valve sometime soon!

Carlos Rodriguez

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