CS:GO Update 04/21/2017


– UI and localization fixes for Perfect World Beta.

[ MISC ] 

– Disabled holiday cheer. 

– Fixed some exploits related to packet loss. 

– Unified deploy duration for all knives to be exactly 1.0 seconds

[ MAPS ]


– Added path near CT spawn that connects to sewer and barn 

– Tweaked lighting throughout map


– Tweaked sightline in connector between underpass and Long A 

– Fixed various minor bugs


– Rebuilt tunnel stairs area with smoother movement 

– Fixed boat geometry overlapping a pier at CT spawn 

– Fixed box intersecting windowsill at B 

– Fixed pixelwalk on railing at CT spawn 

– Moved plywood down on scaffolding below B to block a bad sightline 

– Fixed sticky scaffolding clip brush below B 

– Fixed some fade distance pop-up issues 

– Added two picnic chairs at short and made clips smoother 

– Removed lamp at ivy/garbage

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