Promotionals: Insights with Heaq

Friday, august 18th, marks the beginning of the promotional tournament for the Ninjas in Pyjamas League of Legends roster. Meeting Giants in their first match, it will be exciting to see if the ninjas can keep up their strength, after having defeated the former Kings of Europe, Fnatic, in their (hopefully not) last match of the EU LCS.

Meeting Giants in their first match Martin ´Heaq´ Kordmaa, adc-player for NiP, is excited for the match against Giants, explaining that as a former Giants player, it will feel kind of special to face them in the Promotional tournament.

– I feel pretty confident going into the promotional tournament, especially compared to last split when i had to play in it with Giants. I feel like im a more experienced player now and my team this time around is better aswell so i’m confident we can pull through. I think they did fairly well in the regular split and vs WAR but i also think their competition wasn’t nearly as tough as people perceive it to be. Their botlane… don’t think too much of them to be honest, the community has hyped up their ADC ´Minitroupax´ but after objectively watching the games i’m not really sold. Their support i’ve met in soloQ many times and he is ok, however i think me and ´Sprattel´ know the matchups better and we have more experience on stage so it should be fairly easy to play vs Giants botlane.

After being called out as the team in their group most likely to relegate, their path has been set for quite some time after the death of their possible miracle run. Kordmaa explains that he has been preparing for weeks for the promotionals, and that it has gotten rid of some of his mental blocks, something that came to show in his last games, and perhaps in particular in his 2-0 game versus Fnatic.

– I think vs Fnatic we had pretty good drafts. Game 1 i knew that once i get some items on Tristana i can pop off in teamfights due to our stronger teamcomp. Our frontline was stronger and i had really easy time using my champion properly in teamfights. Game 2 i messed up really badly early game and due to that Fnatic had control in majority of the game. However they couldn’t close out and eventually i got the items i needed. The praise from casters is nice, but I still think I overall could have played a lot better.

Compositions and drafting Compositions and drafting has become a huge part in League of Legends, and for NiP, it might have been the deciding factor between winning and losing.

– As a team we have mainly focused on pick ban since we think it plays an extremely big point in competitive right now. So our preparation for promotion tournament has been mostly trying to figure out the most optimal picks/bans. After every scrim game we talk about draft and how to optimize it, other than that we have mainted the same schedule we have had the whole split.

As for the current meta, Kordmaa says the ad-carries are pretty much set.

– I think the current meta for ad carries is kind of set. It’s mostly Kalista/Tristana/Xayah/Caitlyn that is being played and there are some scenarios you can pick other ADCs but yea, these 4 are mostly what i think its good right now.

Q: Finally, what has it been like to be a part of Ninjas in pyjamas?

– Honestly when i got invited to join NiP it was a surreal feeling. I knew NiP is a legendary team in CSGO and i was super excited and i still am super excited to represent them in the league scene. This split didn’t go so well but we are trying to make the best out of the rough situation we were put in (lack of time before the split, communication problems etc). It’s definitely the best organisation by far that i’ve played in and i’m confident that we will maintain our spot in the LCS, Martin ´HeaQ´ Kordmaa finishes.

Today (August 17th) you can watch Mysterious Monkeys battle it out against Schalke 04 at 17:00 CEST, before the ninjas kick it all off on august 18th, against Giants at 17:00 CEST. Next Thursday, the winners will play the winners, and the losers will play the losers before the promotional tournament concludes on the 25th. Make sure to show your support as NiP fight to stay in the EU LCS! #GONINJAS.