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The oldest among us players. The 21 year old sniper from Motala, Sean Knutsson. He is not only the oldest guy of the players but also the most hardworking guy that does everything for his team. Eraa is a really dangerous awper with both a calm and aggressive playstyle, but besides that he is also a really good teammate inside and outside the game that always makes the team laugh.

Ingame settings

Sens windows: 6Β 
Sensitivity in game: 0.89Β 
Mouse polling rate: 800Β 
Mouse refresh rate: 1000hzΒ 
Display refresh rate: 240hz
Resolution: 1280/960 stretched

Fun facts

1. Is not only the oldest in the team but also the biggest

2. Has two scars on his left arm by breaking it twice.

3. Hasn't watched game of thrones, breaking bad or peaky blinders

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