Press Release: Withdraw from StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 6

With the fall season of CS:GO kicking off, we knew we had a hectic schedule with many back-to-back tournaments, bootcamps and other obligations. As an organization, we strive to balance tournaments and online leagues with practice time and leisure for the players. Most of the time, we find that balance.

However, with the recent success of the CS:GO team, most notably the two week stint in the FACEIT Major, we unfortunately have to re-evaluate said schedule. We’re sorry to inform our fans that we will not be attending Starseries i-League s6, for reasons mentioned above. We hope the fans who were looking forward to watching our games on stream or at the event understand our reasoning behind our withdrawal and support our decision. Our deepest apologies goes out to the fans who bought tickets to see us on stage. We promise you, we’ll be back in Kyiv soon enough. Also, a huge thank you to SLTV for understanding the situation and helping us with all the arrangements.

For those hungry for more NiP games, we’ll be attending the BLAST Pro Series Istanbul event in just a week’s time.

Thank you for your understanding! #GONINJAS