Ninjas in Pyjamas brings you FACEIT HUBs!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest project together with FACEIT. Ninjas in Pyjamas brings you FACEIT Hubs! The goal is to defeat a single opponent in a 1 versus 1, climb the ladders and get rewarded for your efforts with all the bragging rights and respect that comes with it.

There’s a ranked and unranked mode. In unranked, you can challenge your friends or other casual players and have a great time. In ranked mode, your skill and dedication determines your fate. At the end of each month, the top 5 players in the ladders move up one division, unlocking new prizes such as gaming gear, merchandise and other goodies to reward your efforts. You can also become a subscriber to access leaderboards, custom emojis and other perks. By being a subscriber, you are also supporting the project which allows us to improve prizes in the future.

Monthly prizes provided by our sponsors and us. This month (August) they are:

NiP Masters
– 1st prize XTRFY K2 keyboard
– 2nd prize XTRFY M3 mouse
– 3rd prize 5000 FACEIT Points

NiP Gold
– 1st prize XTRFY M3 mouse
– 2nd prize XTRFY XTP1 NiP Volcano mousepad
– 3rd prize 2500 FACEIT Points


  • NiP Master – 9-10 FACEIT Skill level
  • NiP Gold – 6-8 FACEIT Skill level (Top 5 receive invites to Master every month)
  • NiP Silver – 1-5 FACEIT Skill level (Top 5 receive invites to Gold every month)


The map pool consists of 7 maps:
– aim_map,
– aim_map_cl,
– aim_redline,
– aim_map2_go,
– aim_faceit_clean,
– aim_9H_ak,
– aim_ak47_v2.

The captain selection is random and you have 60 seconds to vote (Drop/Drop/Drop/Drop/Drop/Drop/PICK)

Auto bans
Didn’t accept match: 3 minutes
AFK: 3 minutes
Captain didn’t drop/pick the map: 3 minutes
Leaver: 15 minutes

FACEIT Anti-Cheat is REQUIRED. What is it? FACEIT Anti-cheat is a client and server-based system designed to detect players who are running recognized hacks, cheats, cheat signatures, and third party software’s that aim to give an advantage in the game. Read more on


NiP 1v1 Master | FACEIT Level: 9-10

NiP 1v1 Gold | FACEIT Level: 6-8

NiP 1v1 Silver | FACEIT Level: 1-5

NiP 1v1 UNRANKED | No requirements


Partner badge Visible inside the chat, presence list and player profile on FACEIT

Custom partner emojis for the chat

Leaderboards for subscribers only Special rewards for subscribers for being the best player in the league

Access to all player elo and performance statistics

Subscribers gain visibility in the presence list Just like on discord, they get a role assigned to them and they appear on top of online user list, below the admins.

PRICING That package is broken into four different time spans, they consist of monthly, three(3) month, six(6) month, and one(1) year subscriptions.

Monthly €4.99 /MO

Quarterly €4.99 /month (€14.97 billed quarterly)

Biannually €4.17 /month (€24.99 billed biannually | Save €10 /YR)

Annually €3.75 /month (€44.99 billed annually | Save €15 /YR)


A Hub is a way for you to bring together a group of players into a space with shared interests and common goals around competitive gaming. This could be a close group of friends, the best players in your city, your school, your workplace… you name it!

The Hub allows you to develop a community around your favorite game where people can play together, chat, compete in a seasonal leaderboard, check out the best players in the Hub, and much more.

Overview Every Hub has its own chat for easy communication. It’s an easy way to broadcast news and allow members to chat with each other between games or even when they’re just relaxing.

Leaderboard The leaderboard points system adjusts the won/lost points based on the player’s current position, allowing them to move to their predicted ranking position faster.

Stats Get an overview of the best players in the Hub. Check out their K/D ratio, HS percentage, killstreaks and more.

Read more about hubs on

We wanted to give our amazing counter-strike community the opportunity to know us better, that we care about the entire community, not just esports fans but casual gamers also.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send them our way by sending an email to [email protected] OR by joining our discord server and reaching out to a staff member or a moderator.