Announcement NiP.CS: Coaching team changes and expansion

NiP was one of the first organizations to recruit coaching staff as a complement to the 5-man lineup in CS:GO, quickly grasping the perks and advantages of having someone in birds-eye view, coming with input and insight on how to approach the game, whether it be coming back from a slump or staying at the top and close out intense matches or suggesting new talent for the team. This tradition carried on in NiP with other organizations following suit and it’s now a standard in the world of esports.

Björn “THREAT” Pers joined us right at the start of 2016 with the intention of relieving some of the burden from the in-game leader, allowing players on the server to focus more on fragging and less on tactical decisions. And though it’s been a fruitful two years, Pers has now decided to step down as the coach for NiP to pursue other things in life. We want to express our gratitude towards you Björn. You have had a significant impact on our players and organization. We’d also like to wish you the best of luck in life and let’s hope our paths cross again.

The person stepping in for THREAT is a familiar face. We welcome back Faruk “pita” Pita to the coaching staff as Head Coach. For everyone following us since the early days of competitive CS:GO, the most notable achievements with Pita as coach was our Major Championship win in ESL Cologne and the two following Major grand finals at Dreamhack Winter 2014 and ESL One: Katowice 2015.

Pita was one of the first in the world to coach a professional CS:GO team and has since then been pursuing a career in finance, coaching in North America, improving and soaking up knowledge to once again jump on board the Ninjas in Pyjamas organization to aid our team in the pursuit of once again becoming the best team in the world. Glad to have you back, Faruk, and we hope all you Ninjas once again give him a warm welcome to the NiP family!

In late 2017 we found success following the inclusion of a full-time mental coach to our coaching staff, which contributed to our victory at IEM Oakland. We are therefore happy to announce that we will be continuing with Jens Hofer as responsible for all mental coaching for our players and teams for the long term.

In addition to Faruk “pita” Pita and Jens Hofer working full-time with our CS:GO team, we are now in the process of recruiting a third member to our CS:GO coaching staff. The role will be an analytical and strategic coaching position, in order to improve our game preparations, opponent studies, as well as our own strategic and tactical depth.

The expansion of our coaching staff to include three coaches further manifests our ambitions and commitment to once again become the best team in the world of CS:GO. Coaching is a vital element to developing our newly added talents and experienced players as we progress with our ongoing changes. Committing more resources to player development, monitoring and recruitment is necessary and will bare fruit in the long-term for Ninjas in Pyjamas.