NiP Reevaluating Fortnite Strategy

January 25, 2019

In July of last year Ninjas in Pyjamas ventured into competitive Fortnite with expectations of the game growing into a stable and rewarding esports title. As we evaluate the development of the esports side, we can conclude the game has not yet succeeded in building a stable competitive ecosystem.

Consequently, we announce that Ninjas in Pyjamas will be evaluating the strategy for presence in the game. This means releasing Anastasios “Yung” Timpanidis, one of the players who were with us since the team’s inception. We would like to take the time to thank Yung for his time in Ninjas in Pyjamas. We wish you good luck in your future esports career. Let us hope our paths meet again.

We will be keeping Max “Goofy” Rosenlind in the organization and are letting him explore other options as we evaluate Fortnite and our approach to it for the long-term.

We are not closing the door on Fornite and will keep our eyes on the game’s development. However, it seems clear to us that there is currently a low focus from the publisher side to develop and nurture a functioning esports ecosystem. As the economics of the scene are currently functioning, organizations including ourselves will have to look into the casual aspect of the game and what opportunities that brings.